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Owner / Operator

Owner of My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc. Julianno is a 21 year veteran of the Canadian Army, found his passion for fitness early on in his military career. He first began his professional fitness journey with Fitness New Brunswick in 2006 and within a year sat on the board of directors for 8 months before being posted out of NB. He decided to continue his education receiving an Honours Diploma from International Career School Canada, in Fitness and Nutrition. 

Julianno was able to use his education to the full potential as a military instructor teaching fitness leadership to candidates on courses for both Officers and Non-Commissioned members. Over the years he has helped a number of people achieve their own fitness goals whether it was preparing for the physical challenges of military courses, competitions, or tournaments to helping build symmetry, posture correction and injury prevention\recovery.

Julianno was a Men’s Physique competitor and formed a bodybuilding team at his former Regiment,  helping others to achieve their goals of competing in various competitions. 

Julianno is also a Veteran Ambassador with CannaConnect Lower Sackville and Vanguard Wellness. He has a passion for helping his fellow veterans find healing. He continues to enhance his knowledge and skills to offer exceptional service to all clients.

Meet The Team: Meet The Team
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