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I was a university hockey player in my early 20s, but as I finished school, life went on and I got busy with work and what not. In a few short years, I had neglected the healthier lifestyle I once took for granted and ended up gaining a bit of weight. My conditioning was awful as I was winded even from climbing stairs. I didn’t look or feel like I wanted to and recognized I needed to make a change going forward, so I reached out to My Own Path.

I told Julianno my goal I wanted to be in the best shape of my life, I wanted to look and feel better. He gave me a nutrition plan and a routine and we started working together in August 2021. I noticed a difference immediately. I wasn’t getting tired on my mountain bike so I was inspired to do my first enduro race in September. I tried playing hockey and it felt like I was 20 again… And it’s getting better everyday and because of these things, I was fully committed and hooked. Feeling this way is not something I want to give up any time soon.

The best thing is that Julianno makes it easy. He educated me on how to eat properly, which is something I forgot about. I’m eating delicious healthy food. Further, he listens to what my goals are and personalizes new workouts for me everyday. I feel like a pro athlete, but it’s not costing a pro athlete price. All of this has made the transition into a healthy lifestyle much easier.

Since we started, I have lost 30+lbs, and gained a fair bit of lean muscle. I am nearing the best shape of my life and it’s only been 4 months! I am excited about life now and excelling at all the activities I enjoy.

Payton Tench

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